Juries and Awards

Awards and Official Juries

IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize

Awarded by the International Competition Jury (1.250€)

Dragica Vidovic
Print and Film Coordinator Tromsø International Film Festival and Programmer of TIFF Junior

Dragica Vidovic has been working for many festivals in Norway for more than a decade. Currently a print and film coordinator for Tromsø International Film Festival and on the programming committee for TIFF Junior. Both the The Norwegian Short Film Festival and The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund has been her workplace for a number of years in charge of film and print coordination. Most recently she’s been working for the Children’s Film Festival in Kristiansand and Oslo/Fusion.

Maria João Fonseca
Head of Communication at the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto

With degrees in Applied Animal Biology and Biology Teaching and a PhD in Science Education and Communication, MJF is experienced in the promotion of scientific culture. She is currently Director of Communication at the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto.

Mafalda Salgueiro
Artist, Director, Architect and Researcher

Mafalda Salgueiro (Alentejo, Portugal) is based in Porto. Trained in architecture, she approaches documentary and ethnography using film, animation and drawing. Her goal is to tell stories about community, identity and tradition.
She premiered Comezainas (Nosh-up), a short animation documentary at IndieLisboa in 2022. Exhibited internationally, and awarded The Best Animation at Ymotion, and for Best Movie Poster at Mdoc. Mafalda’s also contributed to The New York Times and Observador Lifestyle.


Luce et le rocher
Britt Raes, Belgium/France/Netherlands, anim., 2022, 13’

This film provides a very positive outlook on how to overcome our fears: by working together with someone who may be different from us, by welcoming diversity, by addressing and acknowledging our mistakes, and most importantly by coming together as both a team and a community. It does so in a simple yet deep and smart way, using strong visual language and immersive soundscape. This movie reminds us that we need more happiness!

Special Mention

Memoir of a Veering Storm
Sofia Georgovassili, Grécia, fic., 2022, 14’

This film works on many levels. Even without words. It tells a story about storms around us, and inside us, and how at times we can feel alone while having to make serious decisions. It does so in a poetic, visual, and direct way. It describes teenage abortion and difficulties in communication between generations in a sore way, with nature as a powerful metaphor.


Impact Award by University of Porto

Awarded by the University of Porto Jury (1.000€)

Alexandra Sá Costa
Professor and researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science of the University of Porto

PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Porto, is assistant professor in the Educational Sciences Department at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Full member of CIIE where co-coordinates the community of practice about Work, Education, Development and Social Movements. Research interests focus on educational and social policies; education and development; policy assessment. Coordinate two research project and an external evaluation of a Portuguese public policy.

Eugénia Aguiar-Branco
Member of the Board of Curators of U.Porto and Researcher

Attending PhD in History, Contemporary History Master at Faculty of Arts and Humanities – University of Porto and post-graduation in Cultural Management at Porto Business School.

Began professional activity as a teacher in the History department of Universidade Livre do Porto and, posteriorly, at Universidade Portucalense. Worked as General Director of Fundação Eng. António de Almeida until 2018, being its representative on General Councils, Consultative Councils and other cultural organisations, educational and scientific, naming a few, Centro Português de Fundações (Foundations Portuguese Center), UNESCO’s National Commission, National Education Council, National Cultural Council and the European Foundation-Center.

Member of the Board of Trustees and Cultural Strategic Council of the University of Porto, academic correspondent of the Portuguese History Academy and researcher / collaborator at CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Research Center “Culture, Space and Memory” – Population and Health group.

José Paulo Santos
Filmmaker and Senior Technician in the Culture Unit of the University of Porto

Born in Coimbra in 1979 and residente of Matosinhos. Since 2013, he is dedicated to independent cinema. He directed the films “…beyond the waiting room”, which is part of the National Cinema Plan, “Circumstances”, “Observer”, “13H” and “1965 | Panreal, a building by Nadir Afonso”. The films have been shown in 206 International Film Festivals and have won 197 International Awards.

Occasionally he is a jury member in International Film Festivals. Currently, he is a PhD student at the University of Vigo where he is making a film about the poet Avelino Díaz, in a production between Galicia and Argentina.

Vanessa Macedo
Student of the Professional Course of Communication Technician, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising at Escola Profissional Bento Jesus Caraça

Student at Escola Profissional Bento Jesus Caraça, she was born in Trofa and nowadays, at 17 years old, she has a great taste for cinema and literature, being her favourite film production the “Harry Potter” movies, and her favourite book “Pride and Prejudice”, by Jane Austen. He also attends the Boy Scouts, something he always admired as a child, and has a great interest in Formula 1, and the critical spirit that this sport awakens within him.

Vera Neves
Art School Student at Soares dos Reis Artistic School

Attending the Audiovisual Communication Course – in the Cinema and Video Specialty – at Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis, Vera is currently directing a documentary short film, to be presented as her Artistic Aptitude Proof.


Emma Branderhorst, Netherlands, fic., 2021, 16’

For the sensitivity of the filmic proposal, without subterfuge or excesses, we unanimously decided to award the prize to the short film “Spotless”, by Emma Branderhorst. We consider it to be an impactful film that conveys a message namely that by challenging conventions and bringing about changes in the perception of our lives. Menstrual poverty is a problem that affects millions of women and adolescents around the world. It becomes urgent to act, considering that we are all responsible for each other.

Special Mention

Stars on the Sea
Seung-Wook Jang, South Korea, anim., 2021, 6’

We also gave an honorable mention to the short film Stars on the Sea for its aesthetic sensibility and narrative that shows we are all interconnected. We follow a mother in the role of a bear who seeks a safe haven to survive with her children on the thaw, making an analogy with the human species.

Audience Award for Best Film

Awarded by the audience (500€)

Julia Ocker, Alemanha, anim., 2022, 4’


The juries may also attribute honourable mentions, when justified.