Juries and Awards

Awards and Official Juries

IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize

Awarded by the International Competition Jury (1.250€)

Ágata de Pinho
Creator, actor and director

Ágata de Pinho (Porto, 1989) has had her life bound to theatre and film for the past 15+ years, having worked in several short and feature films. Recently, besides continuing to act, she’s been dedicated to writing and directing for film. “AZUL”, the first short she wrote and directed (and in which she’s the lead), premiered at IFFRotterdam 2022. Ágata is currently working on a second short as well as developing a feature film.

Fernando Saraiva
Founder of the Anilupa studio and director

Fernando Saraiva was born in Porto. He studied Graphic Arts courses at the Soares dos Reis School and Animation Cinema at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Modern Art Center. In 1990 he created the Anilupa studio, where he directs animated films in educational, social and cultural institutions. In 2008 he made his first animated short entitled “In the middle of the night”, awarded the TOBIS award at CINANIMA and best Animated Film at the Adana Golden Boll in Turkey.

Luísa Corte-Real
Coordinator of the Educational Centre of the São João National Theatre

Maria Luísa Corte-Real Correia Alves was born in Porto in 1958. Master in Theater Studies from the College of Arts of the University of Porto since 2017. She works at the Teatro Nacional São João since the end of 1993, having taken on the coordination of its Educational Dpt. in 2018 which translates into work in collaboration with its Artistic Director, programming children’s shows and creating a program that aims to involve the community, with a special focus on schools. She believes that seeing the world through theater or the arts is an enriching experience that everyone should have access to.


Impact Award by University of Porto

Awarded by the University of Porto Jury (1.000€)

Alice Ribeiro
Inclusion Office of the University of Porto and human rights activist

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literature – English and German Studies and has a post-graduation on Document Sciences, both by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto. Works at the Inclusion Office U.Porto since 1997. Coordinated the following projects: BAES – Biblioteca Acessível do Ensino Superior /Accessible Library for Higher Education; Places – Plataforma de Acessibilidade/Website for accessibilityParticipated in: Workgroup on Special Needs in Science, Technology in Higher Education; Euni4all Network; EUGLOH – Universities Alliance for Global Health on the web Conferences on Diversity and Inclusion. She is also a human rights activist and an active member of the Humanist Movement since 1989.

Anabela Santos
Culture Communication Advisor at the University of Porto

Culture Communication Advisor at the University of Porto. With a degree in Journalism, a master’s degree in Cultural Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management, she has extensive experience in communication and press relations. She does internal and external communication, content production for different platforms, press relations and collaborates in the multimedia production of cultural projects. She has worked in radio, television and print media and has lived in cities such as London, Oxford and Dublin.

Lara Mendes
Multimedia student at Campanhã Professional School

A student at Campanhã Professional School, she is 18 years old and studying in the 12th grade in the Multimedia course. Her hobbies are reading, drawing and photography.

Margarida Pinto
Cinema student at Soares dos Reis Art School

My passion for art grew with me, and I learned to find beauty and artistic ability in every moment of my day, no matter how simple it may be. I discovered the world of art through painting and as I digged deeper I found cinema, which I fell in love with. Capturing the essence of something through a camera and using it to tell stories is what I love most. I also have other interests, such as music, sport and photography.

Paolo Andreoni
Cultural activities of ASCIP Dante Alighierie Office and team member of the Teatro do Frio

He is one of the (many) Italians who have made Portugal his home, where he live since 2011. Graduated in theater production and literature, he is currently responsible for the cultural activities of ASCIP Dante Alighieri, with which he developed, in partnership with institutions in the city, the projects “DESIGNAgorà”, “Dante Sul Cammino di Santiago”, “Afirma Tabucchi”, “Calvino: invisible paths”. He is also part of the Teatro do Frio team within the scope of the Cultura em Expansão program, as a producer at the Pasteleira hub.


Audience Award for Best Film

Awarded by the audience (500€)


The juries may also attribute honourable mentions, when justified.