I Program a Film Festival 2021: submissions are open

Teachers and students, attention please!

From October/2020 to January/2021 you are invited to actively participate in the creation of a short film program for the fifth edition of the festival.

During the first part, you will have to watch films of animation, fiction or documentaries from all over the world. Seeing, thinking, learning, reflecting, deciding and programming are verbs that will be part of this incredible experience – being a programmer of a film festival for children and youth.

The activity will be conducted by a teacher (representative of each school) together with the festival team, which during the process and together with the students point out new perspectives, bring new questions and help in the selection process. In addition, the classes involved will have the opportunity to participate of practical workshops on cinema.

The group of students will create a program of short films that can be watched by the audience of the festival. A program that will be communicated together with the full program of the festival, which takes place between January 26th and 31st in 2021.

The activity is an initiative between IndieJúnior Allianz and PARALELO – Program of Approximation to the Performing Arts of the Municipal Theater of Porto (Rivoli) and it is completely free.

More information and registration: [email protected]