Take a Chance!

In this session of seven films you are taken to a Sunday in the world seen by the eyes of a child. Then you will meet Ned and Mishka, who have accumulated too many dirty dishes at home: there is a desire to eat but no desire to wash … The best thing is to get someone who is The Dishwasher. The Diver, tired of taking so many dives, decides to visit a masseuse. Then travel to a beach where two children play and discover a feeling that will last forever. In My Mother’s Eyes you will see a beautiful tribute to a girl’s mother. In Last autumn day, the forest animals prepare for the great annual race before hibernating. At the end of the session he puts on his seat belt and enters the legendary Tram O28 with a newly married couple of tourists. What will happen when the brakes come off?



Dimanche / Domingo, Patrick Doyon, Canadá, anim., 2012, 10’ (Image above)
This Oscar-nominated animated short is a magical tale about life as seen through the eyes of a child. In keeping with their Sunday tradition, after mass a family flocks to grandma and grandpa’s house, where the chaotic discussion soon begins to resemble a raucous gathering of crows on power lines. On this particular grey Sunday, a young boy drops a coin on some nearby train tracks out of sheer boredom. Picking the coin up after a train has run over it, he discovers to his astonishment that an amazing transformation has taken place.

The Dish Washer / A Máquina de Lavar Louça, Katerina Karhankova/Alexandra Majova, República Checa, anim., 2019, 7’

The dirty dishes have really piled up at the bears’ house of Ned and Mishka, but they don’t feel like tidying up. They’re getting hungry so Ned gets the idea of phoning a raccoon for whom washing up should be no problem.

La Plongeuse / A Mergulhadora, Iulia Voitova, França, anim., 2018, 4’

A professional diver undergoes an intense training regime punctuated by relentless blows on her trainer’s whistle. Utterly exhausted, she refuses to dive again and decides to visit a masseur.

Bythos / Para Sempre, Denis Ripamonti/Maria Noemi Grandi, Itália, anim., 2019, 5’

Bythos, the god of the sea depths. Bythos, the dark abyss. The wind blows softly on the seashore. A clumsy crow perches on a beach cabin, while a cautious hermit crab scampers on the sand. Near them an old couple enjoys the afternoon sun. The quiet peace is interrupted only by two kids playing with a ball. The sudden fall of the ball into the sea transforms the atmosphere of bucolic harmony in a palingenetic experience, dreamlike by the look, but with the real consistency of a deep truth.

My Mother’s Eyes / Os Olhos da Minha Mãe, Jenny Wright, Reino Unido, anim., 2018, 5’

A story about motherhood and loss in an abstracted world of childhood memory.

Le dernier jour d’automne / O Último dia de Outono, Marjolaine Perreten, Suíça/Bélgica/França, anim., 2019, 7’

A group of forest animals secretly collects parts from abandoned bicycles, with the intention of making vehicles adapted to their size. They are preparing for a great race!

O28 / Eléctrico 28, Otalia Caussé/Geoffroy Collin/Louise Grardel/Antoine Marchand/Robin Merle/Fabien Meyran, França, anim., 2019, 5’

In Lisbon, a german married couple is about to get aboard the legendary n°28 tramway, but how should you react when the brakes let go and embark you on a vertiginous race… with a baby on board.