The Way of Things

Ashmina lives in an impoverished country and is torn between family obligations and the influence of foreign visitors. In Lioness, you’ll meet Leo, who has to deal with a depressed father. Gradually he realizes that it is his right to free himself despite his father’s condition. Come meet in Food Chain the bowels of industrial production and find out how the most delicious treats are made. Guaxuma reveals memories of Nara’s childhood best friend, in a sweet animated collection of when the whole world was made of sand and friendship.

This session was programmed by the students of the 11th grade of Almeida Garrett Secondary School, as part of the educational activity “I Program a Film Festival” in partnership with the Rivoli Theater Parallel Program.

Arouca Secondary School students present this session.
Students from “I Program a Film Festival” attend this session.

This session is only part of the Schools program, so there are no tickets for sale.


Ashmina, Berenson Dekel, Alemanha, fic., 2018, 16’
In an impoverished country, rife with contradiction, a young girl is torn by her obligation to her family and the influence of foreign visitors.

Lioness / Leoa, Alexander Conrads, Alemanha, fic., 2018, 15’

11-year-old Leo has to deal with her depressive father, while secretly falling in love with her best friend Isabell. Slowly she realises that she deserves to be free despite her father’s illness.

Food Chain / Cadeia Alimentar, Liis Kokk/Mari Kivi, Estónia, anim., 8’

On one hand it is a dirty work, on the other, they are gorgeous products.

Guaxuma, Nara Normande, França/Brasil, anim., 2018, 14’

Tayra was the director’s best friend while growing up on a beach in the northeast of Brazil. The sea breeze brings back memories.