Here are the winning films of IndieJúnior Porto 2023

Today, a truly unforgettable edition of the festival comes to an end and, as usual, before the film concert, in the closing ceremony that took place at 04:15pm in Batalha, the big winners of the 3 prizes offered in this seventh IndieJunior Porto were announced.

The short animation film Luce et le rocher, by director Britt Raes, a co-production between Belgium, France and the Netherlands, won the IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize, being the Official Jury’s choice to be awarded with the amount of 1.250€.

The jury also gave a Special Mention to the Greek production Memoir of a Veering Storm, by Sofia Georgovassili, a short fiction film that addresses the issue of abortion in adolescence.

For the second year in a row, the Impact Award, 1,000€, was given as a result of a partnership with the University of Porto and created with the objective of distinguishing a film that encourages a change in perceptions and manages to challenge conventions.

Spotless, fiction by Emma Branderhorst, won this award with the theme of sexuality, in a fun and original approach, challenging a new look on the subject.

The cinema party was for everyone and the audience at each session was called to participate by voting for the Audience Award for Best Film. The big winner was Julia Ocker’s Cat, a funny German animation that portrays the story of a cat who has an especially delicious recipe: Rat Soup!

There were 66 sessions, more than 50 films that made this edition, and very special spectators that made this edition unforgettable.

IndieJúnior Porto returns the same time in 2024 with many new features and new discoveries.

Palmarés 2023

IndieJunior Porto Grand Prize
Awarded by the International Competition Jury (1.250€)

Luce et le rocher
Britt Raes, Belgium/France/Netherlands, anim., 2022, 13′.

Honorable Mention

Memories of a Veering Storm
Sofia Georgovassili, Greece, fiction, 2022, 14′.

Impact Award by University of Porto
Awarded by the jury of University of Porto (1.000€)

Emma Branderhorst, Netherlands, fic, 2021, 16′.

For the sensitivity of the filmic proposal, without subterfuge or excesses, we unanimously decided to award the prize to the short film “Spotless”, by Emma Branderhorst. We consider it to be an impactful film that conveys a message namely that by challenging conventions and bringing about changes in the perception of our lives. Menstrual poverty is a problem that affects millions of women and adolescents around the world. It becomes urgent to act, considering that we are all responsible for each other.

Honorable Mention

Stars on the Sea
Seung-Wook Jang, South Korea, anim., 2021, 6′.

We also gave an honorable mention to the short film Stars on the Sea for its aesthetic sensibility and narrative that shows we are all interconnected. We follow a mother in the role of a bear who seeks a safe haven to survive with her children on the thaw, making an analogy with the human species.

Audience Award for Best Film
Awarded by public vote (500€)

Julia Ocker, Germany, anim., 2022, 4′